The wider area of Evritania is rightly considered a paradise for winter sports and adventure sports.


The mapped hiking trails that run through the prefecture, but also the routes that you can carve yourself in the shade of firs and chestnuts, give you the opportunity to live a unique, refreshing experience and get in touch with the unspoiled, untouched Greek nature…

Using the Hotel Spa Montana as a starting point, you can also:

– enjoy off road routes with 4×4,

– test your hunting skills,

– practice climbing, mountaineering and canyoning (in the gorges of Viniani and Vothonas),

– relax on horseback or mountain bike,

– rafting, river trekking, canoeing or kayaking in crystal clear lakes (Episkopi) and rivers (Krikelopotamos, Agrafiotis, Karpenisiotis, Tavropos).


There are several companies operating in the area that deliver relevant courses and organize your participation individually or in groups in corresponding activities.

Winter Skiing

The ski center of Velouchi (10 km, or 20 minutes by car from Hotel Spa Montana) is considered one of the most beautiful and modern centers in Greece.

With 10 slopes of varying degrees of difficulty – from very easy (green) to difficult (black) -, 6 sliding lifts and a baby lift, chalet, shelter, first aid station and restaurant – bar, gives every guest the opportunity to enjoy complete skiing and every other winter sport. In the same area you will find an accredited ski school for beginners and children.

Canoe - Kayak on Lake of Kremaston

Canyoning in Vothonas

Excursion at Panta Vrexei Gorge

Jeep tour in Agrafa

Rafting at Tavropos river

Hiking in the Black Cave

Via Ferrata in the Black Cave


The prefecture of Evritania is a magical place, one of the most beautiful areas of Greece. Lush winter-summer, full of verdant valleys, gorges and natural waterfalls (like the world-famous Pantavrehei waterfall), with imposing caves decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. It has a particularly rich fauna such as wild boars, wolves, bears, deer, many species of predators, but also wild trout in Lake of Episkopi. Also here is the largest dam in Europe, on Lake Kremaston.

A place with rich local color and hospitable people, with many and important sights (Byzantine monasteries such as Tatarna and Prousos) and great history: according to an ancient legend it was named after the archer Evrytos, who was killed by the god Apollo because he dared to challenge him to a duel, Evritania challenges its visitor, to tour it living a truly rare experience.


With Hotel Spa Montana as your center, you can arrange dozens of small or larger excursions throughout the surrounding area.